We don’t have to sweep our pain under the rug. Our unfixable, unmentionable, unbelievable traumas, humiliations or losses.

We don’t have to run from the pain and race to the positive.
The love and light will still be there when we are ready.

We don’t have to tie a nice bow on our pain to make it more presentable to everyone who can’t imagine what we are bearing up under.

We can fall apart, we can be broken, we can heal. We don’t have to hide our truth.

Everyone knows this is part of being human, even if they avert their eyes. Maybe especially if they avert their eyes.

We don’t have to plant our pain and expect it to grow into transformation or a spiritual breakthrough or something beautiful.

We can just hold it in our hands, tattoo it on our hearts, and go on living.

We don’t have be guilted if we are not ready to heal. Healing is not a race.

We don’t have to dress our pain up in a smile. We can just wear it on the outside the way it feels on the inside.

We can stop and mourn decades later, in the middle of a laugh or on the brightest day. We don’t have to explain or justify our hearts.

We can just be. You and me and us and them. We can just be. At peace or in pain, heavy or light.

We can stop fighting what is ours to feel. It was never a battle to begin with. It was always just a part of being human.