Sometimes we take heart.
Sometimes we lose heart.
Either way, we human on.

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The Grief Practice Book

The Grief Practice is an 8.5 x 11, 188-page color storybook and workbook that explains and explores grief in the body through human stories and mindfulness practices.

The ancient practices of yoga and mindfulness are offered through a trauma-informed and science-based lens, validating the physical experience of grief and reminding grieving humans that their body is doing everything it can to support them under the weight of their grief.

When you order from me, I personally package your books from my home in San Diego and add some extra love for the journey from my home to yours.

Order The Grief Practice.

If you are looking for somatic grief support, click here.

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Yoga + SE

San Diego Yoga Classes

  • Indoor      Mondays 4-5:15 pm at Gather Encinitas. Register here.
  • Online      Yoga Class Library here.

I am a trauma- and polyvagal-informed yoga teacher and use yoga as a tool to help us get more resourced and connected through strong, intelligent movement. I approach yoga through a biomechanical and biopsychosocial lens, welcoming and speaking to the full spectrum of being human, inviting us into compassionate, curious relationship with ourselves. I am currently in my second year of training in the Somatic Experiencing program.

My Yoga Story

I started practicing yoga in 2008, six years after my husband died. I credit the practice of yoga with taking me from surviving to thriving. I believe that everything is sacred and nothing is sacred, including yoga. This allowed me to step away from my roots in Anusara and Iyengar and explore yoga biomechanics and movement science. This radically changed my practice and my teaching.

My trauma-informed classes are a unique blend of whole-brain movement, with plenty of new and novel movements for brain and body health and growth. My classes address and allow for the whole human experience, ultimately honoring the innate healing ability of every human being and every human body.

I received my 200-hour training at Yoga One in San Diego in 2013. I have since studied with Jenni Rawlings, Jules Mitchell, and stay up to date in the growing areas of movement for trauma and movement science. I am currently in my second year of training in the Somatic Experiencing program.

Yoga + SE

  • Private sessions in person in Encinitas, CA 

Yoga is an ancient practice that addresses the body, mind and soul. SE is a body-centered therapeutic model for resolving trauma and other stress disorders (

These sessions blend both approaches. Starting with the yogic practice of self-study (svadhyaya), we notice what the experience is of the body. We follow sensations in the body such as tightness, heat, expansion, relaxations, etc. I will teach you ways to track, or follow, these sensations with your awareness and come to a place of rebalance.

As we notice what movements the body is inclined to make, we recruit the yoga shapes (asana), energy (tapas), and titrated concentration (dharana) to expand the container of body and being that holds our embodied experience. This often results in a sense of well-being (sattva), even as we carry unfixable things, such as tremendous loss.

This combination of Yoga and SE allows us to expand our awareness of the container of our body and being so there is more space for emotions and experiences to move in, through, and out.

The body speaks its own language, sometimes expressing different needs and feelings than the mind can name.

By following the story the body tells we can see what is needed to allow pieces of our experience to complete and integrate.

Reconnecting to our whole self and with our innate physiological resources often expands our capacity for what we can hold.

Sessions are 50 minutes. $90/session.

Email Monique to schedule Somatic Support

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Grief-In-The-Body Workshops

Grief-In-The-Body workshops break down polyvagal theory, movement science, and trauma-informed yoga into a digestible, experiential format to validate the physical experience of grief and remind grieving humans that their body is doing everything it can to support them under the weight of grief.

Students learn how to find resources inside and outside their bodies to anchor their attention to so they can move and be moved and explore sensations and emotions safely.

The intention is not to fix, but to create space and awareness for grief to move in and to move out. To find the pockets of love hiding behind the hurt. To nurture a harmonious sense of being full of life and full of loss.

The Grief Practice book and companion website expand on the concepts taught in this workshop and supports participants continued exploration of the practices that resonate with them.

To organize a workshop for your hospice center or yoga studio, contact me here.

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Monique-Minahan-Outdoor-Yoga.jpgU P C O M I N G

To receive updates on events, trauma-informed or grief-specific yoga for your group or private SE sessions, online or in person, please contact Monique here.