Online One-On-One

LIVE sessions on Zoom.

Often the charge and energy of grief needs an outlet. Yoga can be a wonderful tool to discharge energy, soothe our anxious minds and bodies, reconnect us with our innate physiological resources, and expand our capacity for what we can hold.

Together we see what is showing up in your body physically or emotionally. We find resources inside and outside your body you can anchor your attention to so you can safely move and be moved without overwhelming your system with sensation or emotion. Many of these tools can be used in your daily life, outside of yoga.

The intention is to create space and awareness for you to safely move through and acknowledge your experience of grief.

While your grief does not change, your capacity to hold your grief may expand or feel stronger.

I use my understanding of polyvagal theory, movement science, trauma, and my experience as a yoga teacher to guide you through our time together and support your physical experience of grief.

$75/hour. Sliding scale available.

Email to schedule.

*I am not a physical therapist, counselor, or doctor. None of my services are psychotherapeutic in nature or a replacement for mental health care.