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Mondays, 4:00 pm at Gather Encinitas (indoors.)

Wednesdays, 12:15-1 pm at Indigo Dragon (outdoors.)

Online Yoga Class Library here.

I am a trauma- and polyvagal-informed yoga teacher and use yoga as a tool to help us get more resourced and connected through strong, intelligent movement. I approach yoga through a biomechanical and biopsychosocial lens, welcoming and speaking to the full spectrum of being human, inviting us into compassionate, curious relationship with ourselves.


I started practicing yoga in 2008, six years after my husband died. I credit the practice of yoga with taking me from surviving to thriving. I believe that everything is sacred and nothing is sacred, including yoga. This allowed me to step away from my roots in Anusara and Iyengar and explore yoga biomechanics and movement science. This radically changed my practice and my teaching.

My trauma-informed classes are a unique blend of whole-brain movement, with plenty of new and novel movements for brain and body health and growth. My classes address and allow for the whole human experience, ultimately honoring the innate healing ability of every human being and every human body.

I received my 200-hour training at Yoga One in San Diego in 2013. I have since studied with Hala Khouri, Jenni Rawlings, Jules Mitchell, and stay up to date in the growing areas of movement for trauma and movement science. I am currently in my second year of training in the Somatic Experiencing program.

In 2016 I began teaching weekly grief yoga classes hosted at a local hospice center, creating an internal and external space for grief to breathe and be.

In 2018 I transitioned to offering quarterly workshops to make this unique approach accessible to more people.

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