As professionals attending to end-of-life care and grief we hear the stories of the ones we serve and witness their pain and their struggle.

It’s not our pain, but we are holding space for it. We are carrying it with them.

This often results in what has been called “vicarious trauma,” “secondary trauma,” “compassion fatigue,” and “trauma exposure response.”

Because our work often gives us an excuse not to focus on ourselves, we can lose touch with signs that we need a break to replenish or recenter ourselves.

Inward&OnwardThis workshop is for you if you are a caregiver, counselor, nurse, doctor, or other professional working with grief and or end-of-life care.

It is designed to create an environment where, instead of you holding space for others, space is held for you, so you can reconnect with the “why” of your work and tune into what your particular BodyMind needs to stay regulated throughout your day.

Active movement done mindfully allows for stress-cycle completion, something most work and caregiving environments don’t support.

Connecting with others facing the same challenges or feelings allows for meaningful and healthy co-regulation.

Blending a bottom-up approach to the brain through movement and breath with top-down mindful inquiry support whole-brain integration and allow for replenishing on a deep level.

Staying aware of our own physiology and nervous system when we interact with others, especially when those exchanges feel dysregulating, goes a long way to staying regulated and healthy in the work we do.

The workshop is offered on a sliding scale to make it accessible to everyone, $15-$30 per person. No one is turned away.

This two-hour workshop is held in North County, San Diego, CA. To arrange a workshop or create one for your interns, counselors, volunteers, hospice center, or palliative care team, contact me here.