When Connection Turns into Community

Weeks 7 and 8 of Yoga Teacher Training In our last week of teacher training a quote by psychotherapist Irvin Yalom comes to mind. He said, “It’s the relationship that heals,” and he was referring to the therapeutic relationship between a doctor and a patient as being a powerful catalyst for healing. That it was … Continue reading When Connection Turns into Community

Walk Your Path Patiently

Week 6 of Yoga Teacher Training Patience is my work this week. Being on my mat more than ever before is giving me lots of opportunities to work with this concept. Right now there is not that great yoga session after a few days of no yoga, where my body and mind are craving it. … Continue reading Walk Your Path Patiently

The Beauty of Being Imperfect

Minding the Mind: Week 5 of Yoga Teacher Training Things are starting to get intense. I knew it would get here, but I wasn’t sure how. We’re learning anatomy, new poses, practicing yoga five to six days a week, doing homework, practice teaching, and trying to stay present for all of it, not to mention … Continue reading The Beauty of Being Imperfect

Transition & Transformation

“Life is one big transition.” -Willie Stargell Week 4 of Yoga Teacher Training I’m at the halfway point of this journey, and it’s an interesting place to be. Like any unknown process, you can never tell from the outside what it will look like from the inside. Where I came from is no longer in … Continue reading Transition & Transformation

Learning to Lead by Example

“Not the cry, but the flight of a wild duck, leads the flock to fly and follow.” Chinese Proverb Week 3 of Yoga Teacher Training The dust is starting to settle. If my yoga was a house getting remodeled, the clearing out has happened and the rebuilding has started, from the ground up. I am … Continue reading Learning to Lead by Example

Breath Meets Body (Week 2 of Yoga Teacher Training)

As I navigate my way through Week 2 of Yoga Teacher Training, it feels a lot like I’m walking through my house in the dark. Walking blindly through a space I know well from having lived in it for years, it seems to change shape. In the dark I can’t walk quickly unless I want … Continue reading Breath Meets Body (Week 2 of Yoga Teacher Training)

Yoga Teacher Training (Week 1)

I’ve embarked on an 8-week Yoga Teacher Training course. Yes, embarked, as in it will be a great voyage. I hope to share my experiences with you as I travel this new and fascinating path. It’s a bit uncomfortable for me, as I usually prefer writing about my experiences after the fact. After I’ve got … Continue reading Yoga Teacher Training (Week 1)