Everyday Enlightenment

At yoga recently the teacher suggested this intention for our practice: I will not take things personally. This didn’t really resonate with me, so I chose an intention that rang more true to me: I will take things personally. As in I will get up close and personal with my dreams, my loves, my life … Continue reading Everyday Enlightenment

4 Ways to Go Deeper in Yoga

I attended an amazing yoga teacher training a couple years ago. Among the many things I learned from it was this: A yoga teacher training may deepen your knowledge of yoga, but only you can deepen your practice of yoga. That deepening, sifting, observing, and growing happens subtly, over time, and often through your own … Continue reading 4 Ways to Go Deeper in Yoga

The Secret to Staying Free

My chiropractor once shared with me that he took part in a study that observed what happened to the bones after a chiropractic adjustment. What he saw was that 30 minutes after being adjusted the muscles pulled the bones back into their old, incorrect spot. Then 30 minutes later the muscles moved the bones back … Continue reading The Secret to Staying Free

Tap into Your Life Force to Re-Energize

"A yogini is a professional of the interior landscape, an expert conservationist of the vital life force, Prana." -Tenzin Palmo Maha Prana, or the “great Prana,” is that vital life force. I think of it as my raw aliveness. Many of us first experience Maha Prana on our yoga mats. If you’ve ever been unable … Continue reading Tap into Your Life Force to Re-Energize

4 Bedtime Poses to Help You Sleep

30 percent of adults have symptoms of insomnia. 5,000 to 6,000 fatal crashes each year may be caused by drowsy drivers. Sleep disorders are associated with heart disease, stroke, diabetes, obesity, cancer and high blood pressure. At the end of the day our minds are often wired while our bodies are tight and fatigued. "Active relaxation" … Continue reading 4 Bedtime Poses to Help You Sleep

Yoga As An Undoing

I recently attended an evening yoga class at a small studio near me that holds classes outside on a large wooden deck. I practiced next to a large tree trunk that emerged through the deck and the ocean air reminded me to inhale fully. At the end of the class as I set up for … Continue reading Yoga As An Undoing

Navigating the Landscape of Limitation

My 6-month-old recently figured out how to roll. He can't get enough of it and rolls everywhere. It didn’t take him too long to start rolling into things, like the side of our blue couches. I would see him run into the couch and I’d think. Okay, now roll the other way! You’re not going to get … Continue reading Navigating the Landscape of Limitation

Our Practice Reveals What’s Already Perfect

I stand at the top of my yoga mat and take a moment to notice what’s already happening in my body. My upper back and shoulders are rounding forward and my head follows their lead. Tired, I think. I feel tired. The heels of my feet carry most of my weight and my arms hang … Continue reading Our Practice Reveals What’s Already Perfect

Why Do You Do Yoga?

My answer has changed over the years. In the beginning the answer was a formless, abstract, unintelligible lump in my throat during savasana that kept me coming back. Yoga was drawing up all the grief I'd been holding in that was dying to get out. I didn’t know how or why, but I knew the way … Continue reading Why Do You Do Yoga?

There’s No Prerequisite for Presence

I’ve been practicing Yoga Nidra (also known as yogic sleep) the last few months to help me unwind and rest. The tape I’ve been listening to has this instruction early on: Bring your attention to what’s already happening. I like to think of attention as being my full awareness, senses, and being. This is altogether … Continue reading There’s No Prerequisite for Presence