28 One-Liners On Grief

For almost a year now I've been quietly posting almost daily under my project name of The Grief Practice over on Instagram. I alternate posting words with photos, and tonight I wrapped up many of them into this little list. Because I don't know about you, but sometimes it's nice to have all the words in … Continue reading 28 One-Liners On Grief

Let It All Fall Apart

Save your strength for those who need you to be strong but how tender can you be with your own heart how patient can you be with your own growth how kind can you be to your weak parts Hold it together when others are collapsing but once in a while let it all fall … Continue reading Let It All Fall Apart

The Hard Things

I want to speak of the breakthroughs and the dreams achieved and not about how I keep running up against the edges of my heart. those cold, stubborn edges that don't want to budge for anyone, soften for anyone, open for anyone, which is why she often has to be broken open in joy or … Continue reading The Hard Things

On Transitioning Mindfully (Mindful Monday No. 10)

A few months ago, when I started the Mindful Mondays, my intent was to commit to my writing, to encourage me to stay inspired, and as a weekly reminder to reflect on the beauty and meaning that is present in every detail of our days. That commitment and focus helped me invite more opportunities to … Continue reading On Transitioning Mindfully (Mindful Monday No. 10)