28 One-Liners On Grief

For almost a year now I've been quietly posting almost daily under my project name of The Grief Practice over on Instagram. I alternate posting words with photos, and tonight I wrapped up many of them into this little list. Because I don't know about you, but sometimes it's nice to have all the words in … Continue reading 28 One-Liners On Grief


Stillness is a secret door, isn’t it. Hidden, in plain view. Locked, until you find the key. Plain to the untrained eye. Uninteresting, A dead end, Boring. Until you stumble into its wondrous garden of mind-blowing wonder. What was that? How can I get back there? Call it meditation Or call it prayer Call it … Continue reading Stillness.

Remember Who You Are

Halfway through my morning walk with the dog, I realized I wasn't even on the walk. I was in my head the whole time. It wasn't a bad place to be - quite interesting in some ways - but an overarching, intangible part of me started to notice a feeling of dissatisfaction, of dis-ease. So … Continue reading Remember Who You Are


I'm not much for resolutions. Because I think we should resolve every day to live fully, and not just once a year. Turning points in time are always an interesting time for reflection, however. It's hard to get a true reflection from a rippled surface. Only when the water is very, very still can we … Continue reading Reflection.

On Transitioning Mindfully (Mindful Monday No. 10)

A few months ago, when I started the Mindful Mondays, my intent was to commit to my writing, to encourage me to stay inspired, and as a weekly reminder to reflect on the beauty and meaning that is present in every detail of our days. That commitment and focus helped me invite more opportunities to … Continue reading On Transitioning Mindfully (Mindful Monday No. 10)

Prescribed Burns

On a bike ride through a State park, I saw this sign.  I read it twice because something just grabbed me about it. There was a huge swath of clear area that emerged unusually amid forest areas thick with trees.  Looking at the clear meadow, my husband and I tried to guess at why no … Continue reading Prescribed Burns