3 Steps to Transition Mindfully

When going through transition it can sometimes feel like we bring all of our old stuff into a new place. Kind of like moving houses. Our surroundings change, but we don't. I often feel resistant to change because it requires me to get uncomfortable. I sort of grin and bear it until I'm through the ickyness and back … Continue reading 3 Steps to Transition Mindfully

Transition & Transformation

“Life is one big transition.” -Willie Stargell Week 4 of Yoga Teacher Training I’m at the halfway point of this journey, and it’s an interesting place to be. Like any unknown process, you can never tell from the outside what it will look like from the inside. Where I came from is no longer in … Continue reading Transition & Transformation

Time Change

More than the time is changing this week. Instead of feeling the expected loss and disappointment from the sun's absence and the "shorter" day, I found myself feeling great comfort as the darkness settled in early. The blazing sunset has been replaced by muted, dusky hues fading against a dark sky. There is a solemnity … Continue reading Time Change

On Transitioning Mindfully (Mindful Monday No. 10)

A few months ago, when I started the Mindful Mondays, my intent was to commit to my writing, to encourage me to stay inspired, and as a weekly reminder to reflect on the beauty and meaning that is present in every detail of our days. That commitment and focus helped me invite more opportunities to … Continue reading On Transitioning Mindfully (Mindful Monday No. 10)