Stillness is a secret door, isn’t it. Hidden, in plain view. Locked, until you find the key. Plain to the untrained eye. Uninteresting, A dead end, Boring. Until you stumble into its wondrous garden of mind-blowing wonder. What was that? How can I get back there? Call it meditation Or call it prayer Call it … Continue reading Stillness.


If I sit very still (as still as a stone) I can almost see the growth happening in me, in the soil around me as the first green stems push up un-earthing Such is growth. un-earthing what is possible what is unknown what is to be I can almost sense the earth’s rotation and my … Continue reading Still.

Stepping Into Stillness

there is a stillness beneath it all that waits for me to arrive breathless from running around all day mind fluttering body shifting brain wondering how long this will take it holds the same space for me every time it offers the same warmth if I allow myself to feel it it offers the same … Continue reading Stepping Into Stillness