There was a time when the sun and the moon were my only constants. I could see both out my window and, although I didn’t know it at the time, they were serving as my nonjudgemental friends, as the witness to an inner life that I shared with almost no one. They rose with me, … Continue reading Shamelessly

Stepping Off Solid Ground to Get Grounded

There is something truly grounding about becoming comfortable with something previously uncomfortable. It's not always a physical grounding, although it may come from a physical experience. It's an internal grounding that no one can touch. It feels steady, balanced, peaceful, rooted, and free. This is an interesting topic to me because there are lots of … Continue reading Stepping Off Solid Ground to Get Grounded

What Lies Beneath

Here lies the fear. What lies beneath the busyness What lies beneath our exteriors What lies beneath the ocean What lies beneath the darkness And what lies beyond. Beyond where we can see Beyond where we can reach Beyond our wildest dreams Beyond our control. I spend a lot of time at the ocean and … Continue reading What Lies Beneath