From Wife to Widow: Depression, Grief & Hope

When I turned 25 my husband unexpectedly died from a complication with his cancer treatment. He was 28. In the months and years that followed I got a taste of what it was like to lose my mind. I didn’t know who I was, now that one label had been ripped off of me (wife) and another … Continue reading From Wife to Widow: Depression, Grief & Hope

Stepping Into Stillness

there is a stillness beneath it all that waits for me to arrive breathless from running around all day mind fluttering body shifting brain wondering how long this will take it holds the same space for me every time it offers the same warmth if I allow myself to feel it it offers the same … Continue reading Stepping Into Stillness


I'm welcoming in the world these days in many ways; big and small, internally and externally. While I'm focusing on welcoming in the world, it's reminding me of the importance of welcoming myself. Not just once or twice or occasionally. Daily. Welcome yourself daily to your own world. This can feel awkward, strange, selfish, weird. … Continue reading Welcome.