Stillness is a secret door, isn’t it. Hidden, in plain view. Locked, until you find the key. Plain to the untrained eye. Uninteresting, A dead end, Boring. Until you stumble into its wondrous garden of mind-blowing wonder. What was that? How can I get back there? Call it meditation Or call it prayer Call it … Continue reading Stillness.

We are the Space

We are the space that holds the light {however bright it may be.} We are the space that holds the darkness {however dark it may get.} We are the space that holds the energy {however charged and wild.} We are the space that holds the silence {however long and still.} We are the space that … Continue reading We are the Space


If I sit very still (as still as a stone) I can almost see the growth happening in me, in the soil around me as the first green stems push up un-earthing Such is growth. un-earthing what is possible what is unknown what is to be I can almost sense the earth’s rotation and my … Continue reading Still.

Why Do You Do Yoga?

My answer has changed over the years. In the beginning the answer was a formless, abstract, unintelligible lump in my throat during savasana that kept me coming back. Yoga was drawing up all the grief I'd been holding in that was dying to get out. I didn’t know how or why, but I knew the way … Continue reading Why Do You Do Yoga?

How Long Should You Meditate For?

Meditation has been heralded as a great healer through the ages, and scientists are finally starting to understand why it works. One scientific study found that the relaxation response elicited through meditation, especially in long-term practitioners, is very effective at reducing stress disorders, such as hypertension, anxiety, insomnia, and aging. Meditation has also been described … Continue reading How Long Should You Meditate For?

Death & Breath

A friend of mine died this week. She was 41 years old and left behind two small boys and a husband. Some months ago I invited her to come with me to a Yoga for Cancer workshop. She had advanced stage cancer and I was pregnant. Our seemingly opposite points in life didn't seem so … Continue reading Death & Breath

Enter a Prisoner, Exit a Free Man

This is how I would describe meditation. A breaking out of of bondage. That has been my experience with the mental transformation that happens ever so subtly every time. Whether the practice kicks up dirt, unearths troubling layers of thought, or is a peaceful experience, we always emerge freer than before. Lighter than before. More … Continue reading Enter a Prisoner, Exit a Free Man

Ten Minutes to Freedom

Ten minutes has been my work lately. Tuning into time as the doorway to timelessness. Ten minutes first came up at work last week, when I needed a brief 10 minutes to fix a problem. My coworkers reacted as if I was asking for an hour. I was surprised. It's only 10 minutes, I thought. … Continue reading Ten Minutes to Freedom

Remember Who You Are

Halfway through my morning walk with the dog, I realized I wasn't even on the walk. I was in my head the whole time. It wasn't a bad place to be - quite interesting in some ways - but an overarching, intangible part of me started to notice a feeling of dissatisfaction, of dis-ease. So … Continue reading Remember Who You Are

Meditation To-Go

The title might sound a little too Walmarty or Starbucks-ish, I know, but give it a chance. Meditation is a time-tested, ancient practice we are privileged to be exposed to and taught in our modern day. People practice meditation for a variety of reasons. They want to find themselves or lose themselves or get closer … Continue reading Meditation To-Go