Pass It On

Everywhere I go this week life seems to be offering me a hand, a smile, a sunny day, an invitation. It's easy to accept (or sometimes even expect) this kind of "help." Perhaps we've been extra good citizens or gone out of our way to be helpful or something like that and we feel deserving … Continue reading Pass It On

The Landscape of Our Life

It starts here. The Change. The Change we all dream of. Nicer people, more love, close communities, supportive neighbors, honest conversations. It starts at home and it starts with you. It starts with me. The person talking to you, are you listening to them? Are you looking in their eyes? Are you feeling their energy? … Continue reading The Landscape of Our Life


I'm welcoming in the world these days in many ways; big and small, internally and externally. While I'm focusing on welcoming in the world, it's reminding me of the importance of welcoming myself. Not just once or twice or occasionally. Daily. Welcome yourself daily to your own world. This can feel awkward, strange, selfish, weird. … Continue reading Welcome.