A Return to Wholeness

When life presents themes to me over and over again, I try to take the hint. I've been witnessing friends returning to their roots both literally and symbolically, as well as navigating a "return" of sorts of myself . This concept of revisiting a place, emotion, or relationship as the conscious, aware, and present person … Continue reading A Return to Wholeness

The Truth About Yoga Teachers

Not so long ago two of my longtime yoga teachers moved away within months of each other. I felt strangely lost and began looking for a replacement teacher to attach myself to. As I searched I started to practice at home more. I tried a variety of yoga studios and classes. I took a yoga … Continue reading The Truth About Yoga Teachers

Answer Your Fear With This Question

Have you had a life-or-death experience? Has someone close to you died? Do you shy away from the topic of death because it's uncomfortable? Those were questions I never contemplated for most of my life. Nowadays I embrace the conversation because I've realized that contemplating death can inform our lives powerfully. I was given an … Continue reading Answer Your Fear With This Question

When to Bend, Break & Breakthrough

When things get stressful, I've started to ask myself this question: Do you want to bend or break? In years past this wasn't a discussion. It wasn't a question. Therefore, it wasn't a choice. I would reach a limit and then break, collapse, give up. Now I see myself reaching a point or peak of … Continue reading When to Bend, Break & Breakthrough

Going Back to Our Roots

I’ve always found it fascinating when I see palm trees withstand winter storms with such grace and ease. They bend to extreme degrees, yet somehow defy the forces of nature upon them and don’t snap. When the pressure is released, they bounce back to their full stature, amazingly intact, alive, and unbroken. It’s equally fascinating … Continue reading Going Back to Our Roots

5 Unconventional Ways Through Grief

I didn't even know there were 5 stages of grief until a few years into my struggle with complicated grief. Now, 12 years later, I'm glad I didn't because I don't think grief is so polite that it acquiesces to being put into categories. I believe grief to be a raw, amorphous, unique experience for … Continue reading 5 Unconventional Ways Through Grief

Let Me Count the Ways

I am grateful for my limits that teach me patience and pace I am grateful for challenge, defeat, and loss They teach me hope is not a light at the end of the dark tunnel It's the ember burning within me that I forgot to fan I am grateful to my teachers for introducing me … Continue reading Let Me Count the Ways

This Life Will Break Your Heart

Three people we know have died this week. None particularly close to me, but close to my family. I have lots of thoughts on death, on how our society deals with death, on how people deal with death. That's for another time and place. Here's my bottom line: This life will break our hearts. Not … Continue reading This Life Will Break Your Heart

Safe & Sound

(You can find my full piece on this entitled, How Acts of God Empower Our Lives, at Intent!) I'm sitting here in sunny California with my husband and my little dog fast asleep side by side. They are safe and sound. And alive. Safe, sound, and alive. This is so enough. This is so everything. … Continue reading Safe & Sound

Meditation To-Go

The title might sound a little too Walmarty or Starbucks-ish, I know, but give it a chance. Meditation is a time-tested, ancient practice we are privileged to be exposed to and taught in our modern day. People practice meditation for a variety of reasons. They want to find themselves or lose themselves or get closer … Continue reading Meditation To-Go