The Art of Shedding Our Shell

Ecdysis is a Greek term used to describe "the art of escaping from the old shell." A shedding, if you will. It's specifically used in reference to lobsters, who undergo a fascinating transformation process throughout their lives so that they can continue to grow. Because their shells are hard, in order for the lobster to … Continue reading The Art of Shedding Our Shell

Going Back to Our Roots

I’ve always found it fascinating when I see palm trees withstand winter storms with such grace and ease. They bend to extreme degrees, yet somehow defy the forces of nature upon them and don’t snap. When the pressure is released, they bounce back to their full stature, amazingly intact, alive, and unbroken. It’s equally fascinating … Continue reading Going Back to Our Roots

Here’s The Catch

Maybe you've met someone who for no reason seemed extra friendly or gracious towards you. In these instances we sometimes wonder, what's the catch? What do they want? I've been on both the giving and receiving end of this subtle defensiveness. I'm not saying it's right or wrong, good or bad. I'm saying I recently … Continue reading Here’s The Catch

Time Change

More than the time is changing this week. Instead of feeling the expected loss and disappointment from the sun's absence and the "shorter" day, I found myself feeling great comfort as the darkness settled in early. The blazing sunset has been replaced by muted, dusky hues fading against a dark sky. There is a solemnity … Continue reading Time Change