Behind The Scenes: The Grief Practice Book

I find myself in an awkward spot these days, a few months out from self-publishing my second book. I am afraid to fail and I am afraid to succeed. That's how I know I'm right where I should be. This book has had a life of its own. There have been major delays, hiccups, crash … Continue reading Behind The Scenes: The Grief Practice Book

The Exhale

The bottom of the exhale is the scariest place to be. In yoga In the ocean In life We are beyond empty here Completely exposed, in need, at the mercy of life to grant us that next precious inhale. As terrifying as it is, it is just as liberating just as f***ing freeing to have nothing, to … Continue reading The Exhale

What It Means to Be Fearless

"Fearlessness is not a state of being without fear. Rather, it is the experience of fully feeling the fear, naming it, getting to know it, taking it by the hand, and even making friends with it." -excerpt by John Milton in Be The Change Over the years I've noticed that the more I attempt to live … Continue reading What It Means to Be Fearless

Stepping Off Solid Ground to Get Grounded

There is something truly grounding about becoming comfortable with something previously uncomfortable. It's not always a physical grounding, although it may come from a physical experience. It's an internal grounding that no one can touch. It feels steady, balanced, peaceful, rooted, and free. This is an interesting topic to me because there are lots of … Continue reading Stepping Off Solid Ground to Get Grounded

What Lies Beneath

Here lies the fear. What lies beneath the busyness What lies beneath our exteriors What lies beneath the ocean What lies beneath the darkness And what lies beyond. Beyond where we can see Beyond where we can reach Beyond our wildest dreams Beyond our control. I spend a lot of time at the ocean and … Continue reading What Lies Beneath

Here’s The Catch

Maybe you've met someone who for no reason seemed extra friendly or gracious towards you. In these instances we sometimes wonder, what's the catch? What do they want? I've been on both the giving and receiving end of this subtle defensiveness. I'm not saying it's right or wrong, good or bad. I'm saying I recently … Continue reading Here’s The Catch