What Are You Waiting For?

What are you waiting for? The world will never approve those big dreams those too-good-to-be-trues It will never applaud your going-for-broke your trusting your instinct your following your heart You must approve yourself trust in it all and risk it all that heart, that gut, that comfortable life it must all get put on the … Continue reading What Are You Waiting For?

The Hard Things

I want to speak of the breakthroughs and the dreams achieved and not about how I keep running up against the edges of my heart. those cold, stubborn edges that don't want to budge for anyone, soften for anyone, open for anyone, which is why she often has to be broken open in joy or … Continue reading The Hard Things

A Question For All the Lonely People

Who are you? Are you a 25-year-old widow like I was or are you a 40-year-old single mother? Are you a 62-year-old divorced man or are you a 15-year-old boy who feels like an outcast? Are you a 27-year-old soul-seeker who can’t find their match or an 80-year-old grandmother whose children live on the other … Continue reading A Question For All the Lonely People

Rewriting The Story of More

This month I had to choose between my life and my livelihood. The details don't matter anymore, but in the end I had to choose between keeping a job that would require me to work 50 to 60 hours a week or losing that job. I chose my life over my livelihood because if I fast-forward … Continue reading Rewriting The Story of More

The Light in You

two motions by A.R. Ammons It is not enough to be willing to come out of the dark and stand in the light, all hidden things brought into sight, the damp black spaces, where fear, arms over its head, trembles into blindness, invaded by truth-seeking light: it is not enough to desire radiance, to be … Continue reading The Light in You

The Value of Doing Less & Being More

In the words of my yoga teacher: “This is the modern day yogi’s greatest challenge: Doing less and being more.” Just let that sink in for a minute. Don’t try to think about it so much, just be with the concept. I tried to do this myself, just be with it. It wasn’t long before … Continue reading The Value of Doing Less & Being More