Are You a Reactor or a Responder?

Most of my life I've been a reactor. Even though I don't often react outwardly to a situation, I have an inward, visceral reaction to events. Recently I was presented with a situation which really ruffled the feathers of my ego. I had an immediate internal reaction to push away from the situation, as if … Continue reading Are You a Reactor or a Responder?

A New Perspective of Pain

"Pain is inevitable, but suffering is optional." I heard this quote for the first time recently, and it summed up a truth I had only uncovered after years of suffering. Pain happens to all of us through life. Suffering is how we perceive the pain, how we choose to process it, and how long we … Continue reading A New Perspective of Pain

When to Bend, Break & Breakthrough

When things get stressful, I've started to ask myself this question: Do you want to bend or break? In years past this wasn't a discussion. It wasn't a question. Therefore, it wasn't a choice. I would reach a limit and then break, collapse, give up. Now I see myself reaching a point or peak of … Continue reading When to Bend, Break & Breakthrough