How to Set Your Self Free

One of my yoga teachers would often say, "After enlightenment there's the dishes." A play on the Zen proverb, "After enlightenment, the laundry." The same old mundane things we thought we would escape by reaching or finally attaining "enlightenment" will be waiting for us. This brings to mind the question, Where are we trying to … Continue reading How to Set Your Self Free

Breaking Open the Beauty Within

On a recent trip to a rock exhibit with my family, I passed a table that was labeled, "Ugly Rocks." I stopped and looked at the rocks. They were all brown and pretty boring looking. They weren't especially ugly, but they definitely weren't as shiny as most of the other rocks in the exhibit. I … Continue reading Breaking Open the Beauty Within

The Beauty of Being Imperfect

Minding the Mind: Week 5 of Yoga Teacher Training Things are starting to get intense. I knew it would get here, but I wasn’t sure how. We’re learning anatomy, new poses, practicing yoga five to six days a week, doing homework, practice teaching, and trying to stay present for all of it, not to mention … Continue reading The Beauty of Being Imperfect