The Question For Yoga Teachers

How has your yoga teaching, practice or both changed in the last five years? Some of us were taught to spiritualize pain in the postures. That our yoga is about what we can do or what it looks like. That alignment or gurus are unquestionable. The authoritarian system may have made us feel bad, shamed, … Continue reading The Question For Yoga Teachers

If Walking Down the Street Was a Yoga Pose

If walking down the street was a yoga pose, how would we do it? Would we walk more mindfully, consciously, and with attention to how our breath informs our every step? If sitting in a chair was a yoga pose, would we place our limbs with intention, keep our spine lifted and our gaze soft? … Continue reading If Walking Down the Street Was a Yoga Pose

I Don’t Want to Know What Kind of Yoga You Practice

I don’t want to know if you feel strong after yoga. I want to know if you feel softened, receptive, and open to grace. I don’t want to know if you can touch your toes. I want to know if you can touch your heart, my heart and the world with your truth. I don’t … Continue reading I Don’t Want to Know What Kind of Yoga You Practice

4 Ways to Go Deeper in Yoga

I attended an amazing yoga teacher training a couple years ago. Among the many things I learned from it was this: A yoga teacher training may deepen your knowledge of yoga, but only you can deepen your practice of yoga. That deepening, sifting, observing, and growing happens subtly, over time, and often through your own … Continue reading 4 Ways to Go Deeper in Yoga

Tap into Your Life Force to Re-Energize

"A yogini is a professional of the interior landscape, an expert conservationist of the vital life force, Prana." -Tenzin Palmo Maha Prana, or the “great Prana,” is that vital life force. I think of it as my raw aliveness. Many of us first experience Maha Prana on our yoga mats. If you’ve ever been unable … Continue reading Tap into Your Life Force to Re-Energize

Why Do You Do Yoga?

My answer has changed over the years. In the beginning the answer was a formless, abstract, unintelligible lump in my throat during savasana that kept me coming back. Yoga was drawing up all the grief I'd been holding in that was dying to get out. I didn’t know how or why, but I knew the way … Continue reading Why Do You Do Yoga?

Your Brain on Yoga

I recently overheard a student comment to a teacher before class that “Yoga is the only thing that makes sense right now." It was a simple yet powerful statement that most of us can relate to. We’ve all been there at some time in our lives. Life becomes so busy, overwhelming, crazy, problematic, or stressful, … Continue reading Your Brain on Yoga

The Truth About Yoga Teachers

Not so long ago two of my longtime yoga teachers moved away within months of each other. I felt strangely lost and began looking for a replacement teacher to attach myself to. As I searched I started to practice at home more. I tried a variety of yoga studios and classes. I took a yoga … Continue reading The Truth About Yoga Teachers

Walk Your Path Patiently

Week 6 of Yoga Teacher Training Patience is my work this week. Being on my mat more than ever before is giving me lots of opportunities to work with this concept. Right now there is not that great yoga session after a few days of no yoga, where my body and mind are craving it. … Continue reading Walk Your Path Patiently

The Beauty of Being Imperfect

Minding the Mind: Week 5 of Yoga Teacher Training Things are starting to get intense. I knew it would get here, but I wasn’t sure how. We’re learning anatomy, new poses, practicing yoga five to six days a week, doing homework, practice teaching, and trying to stay present for all of it, not to mention … Continue reading The Beauty of Being Imperfect