There is much to learn here,on this shaky to patiently sit in the Darkuntil Dawn arriveshow to wander until Lostturns into Freehow to put my ear to the Grounduntil I hear my Breathhow to explore the fullness of being Emptyuntil it Overflowshow to let the winds of Changepoint the Way.


Imagine a wall with a trap door hidden in it.  You feel around blindly.  You inspect every crack and hole.  You step back and look for faint patterns.  You look high.  You look low.  You jump.  You crawl.You get tired.You lean against the wall and stop searching.The door opens behind you, under your weight.Your journey … Continue reading Walls

I wonder…

I wonder if I can move as slow as a snailif I can be as industrious as an antif I can be as patient as a treeif I can be as playful as a dolphinif I can fly as freely as a butterflyif I can be as human as a meand simultaneously just be.

I will rise to the occasion of my life.

In yoga you're often encouraged to set an intention before class.  It can be broad and vague or quite specific. Some examples would be clarity, freedom, or phrases such as, I will embrace life wildly.In my early days of intention-setting I would often have the same intention for months.  Presence.  It was what resonated with … Continue reading I will rise to the occasion of my life.