Body-centered support for being human. Somatic support and inquiry that invites the nervous system to return to optimal functioning.

Grief often overwhelms our capacity to cope. If our nervous systems perceive our loss as a threat to our survival a whole cascade of protective biological responses kick in, including mobilizing a tremendous amount of energy.

When the natural instincts to run from our grief or fight it are blocked we sometimes feel hopeless or helpless. 

By following the story the body tells we can see what is needed to allow pieces of our experience to complete and integrate. Graduated movement, attention and connection allows the body to reorganize and renegotiate aspects of our experience.

Reconnecting to our whole self and with our innate physiological resources often expands our capacity for what we can hold.

My approach is rooted in science and somatics, with deep respect for the entire soulful human experience.

I am an SE™ Practitioner in Training (advanced year), a trauma-informed yoga teacher and a human with a profound personal experience of grief. I draw on everything from polyvagal theory to movement science to my years of experience supporting humans with varied experiences of loss as we explore the best way to support your embodied experience during our time together.

Sessions are Online or In Person in Encinitas, CA. 

$90/session. Sliding scale available for online sessions.

Connect here to schedule a session.

*I am not a physical therapist, counselor, or doctor. None of my services are psychotherapeutic in nature or a replacement for mental health care.