For Yoga Teachers

Are you a yoga teacher with an experience of grief that’s interested in bringing a grief yoga class to your area?

Are you a yoga teacher looking to gain more knowledge about grief and trauma in the body?

The Grief Practice 6-hour course for yoga teachers covers:

  • the science behind how grief moves through the body and how breath and movement can support the body in grief
  • a closer look at asana: the language used; the energy of grief and yoga; how it affects the brain
  • how to use anchors and pendulation in a grief-specific yoga setting
  • how to keep meditation safe for students with a history of trauma or traumatic grief
  • approaching grief in a trauma-intelligent way, blending the classic trauma-informed model with the practical, human side of grief
  • understanding Polyvagal Theory and how it applies to grief and yoga
  • the intersection of service and self-care:  specific tools to stay sensitive to the effect this work has on you physically and energetically

This course is offered online once a year in the Spring in a group format during 4, 1.5-hour sessions at $75/participant.

It is also offered in a one-on-one format online throughout the year. $500.

Email for more info.