Mindful Monday No. 3

Five things I will do every day this week.Love.I will love more than I think I can.Not just the people you like. Not just your family. Not just your friends. Love everyone. Every human being just because they are alive. Smile at them. The bum or the president, smile. Love everyone from the overflowing supply … Continue reading Mindful Monday No. 3

New Moon Meditation

I'm attempting to organize a small, informal SIT (Synchronized Individual Transformation) session locally on the New or Full moon to help support, not just yogis who have a solid meditation practice, but encourage people who want to start a practice and provide inspiration for all.Today was the first scheduled SIT.  None of the six to … Continue reading New Moon Meditation


I'm patiently watering my seeds of community.  Patience is the key here, as these things don't happen overnight. There were many years when I felt like I had lost any need for community. I'm still not sure which happened first; me turning my back on my community or it turning its back on me.   It doesn't matter because it all led … Continue reading Community

Mindful Monday No. 2

The sun rises every day.  It does not stop for anyone or anything.  It rises over suffering, laughter, sadness, life and death.Humans do not have this same obligation.  We choose to rise daily physically and mentally.  When we rise to the occasion of each new day we spread light just the same, likely not knowing … Continue reading Mindful Monday No. 2

Show up for your life

Being present is how we get through:the wonderfulthe difficultthe challengingthe successthe failurethe fearthe disappointmentthe unknownPresence allows us to emerge intact on the other side of life's ups and downs with a clearer picture of where we are and where we want to go.Show up for all of it, not just the good parts.  Don't underestimate … Continue reading Show up for your life