I’ll take a rain check

pay me in sunsetsin cool breezesin full moonsin starlightpay me in tomorrowsone day at a timepay me in truththe kind that can't liepay me in kindnessin love that melts the hardest heartpay me in smilesthe kind you can't hold backpay me in peacein single grains of sandin raindrops to dance inand snowflakespay me in laughterthat … Continue reading I’ll take a rain check

Mindful Monday No. 6

These small, colorful, well-traveled, well-worn gems are beautiful examples of the transformation possible through Process.The power of the ocean to take sharp pieces of glass and smooth them over time is not unlike how pearls develop from the constant irritation inside an oyster.Refinement for Sea Glass takes time. Refinement for humans takes time. Discomfort, adversity, … Continue reading Mindful Monday No. 6

Blue Moon

The veil of darkness has been removedRevealing the presence that has always beenReflecting the sunlight in an unparalleled,magnetic,magnificent wayA luminous example in transferring lightin passing it onin allowing the darknessto ebb and flowMany moons I have missedin ignoranceI will not lower my eyes to earthwhen heaven is in my sightI will step fully into the lightI will step fully … Continue reading Blue Moon