Teaching My Dad to Breathe

We've all heard someone tell us to Take a deep breath before a nerve-wracking event or during a stressful situation. If you practice yoga, you hear the instructor repeating often in class, Remember to breathe. Sometimes we hear the yogi next to us practicing a beautiful, audible Ujjayi breath, which reminds us to tune back … Continue reading Teaching My Dad to Breathe

Safe & Sound

(You can find my full piece on this entitled, How Acts of God Empower Our Lives, at Intent!) I'm sitting here in sunny California with my husband and my little dog fast asleep side by side. They are safe and sound. And alive. Safe, sound, and alive. This is so enough. This is so everything. … Continue reading Safe & Sound

Gratitude Board

I'm very fortunate to live where I live. It's safe, it's beautiful, and I have a lot of freedom and opportunity. This is the case for many of us. Sometimes this comfort can make us indifferent to the value of life or to the small beauties everywhere. Over time we can slowly lose perspective. Then … Continue reading Gratitude Board

Take Back Your Power

I've been playing a lot with energy lately. Mostly my own. Watching it wax and wane and learning what environments, situations, or activities boost it and noticing the subtle process of it waning, often like a slow leak from a tire. There is a lot of information about this, and the process I'm finding helpful … Continue reading Take Back Your Power

Mindful Monday No. 9

I've been on the receiving end of beautiful conversations lately. Here's some memorable words I was privileged to hear that remind me of how being human is at once challenging and incredible. Listening to a friend tell me how her three dogs had escaped and only two had returned. One had a broken back and … Continue reading Mindful Monday No. 9

Prescribed Burns

On a bike ride through a State park, I saw this sign.  I read it twice because something just grabbed me about it. There was a huge swath of clear area that emerged unusually amid forest areas thick with trees.  Looking at the clear meadow, my husband and I tried to guess at why no … Continue reading Prescribed Burns

Mindful Monday No. 8

Taking a moment today to celebrate: everyone who has made it through their past to their Now everyone who has fought their way through depression everyone who finds joy in the smallest living thing everyone who breaks through their own barriers everyone who crawls their way to the light everyone who meets themself at their … Continue reading Mindful Monday No. 8