We Were Wild Once

We were wild once you know. We howled without embarrassment, we cried out for what we needed, wanted, loved. We did not know our skin color mattered because our heart pumped so perfectly. We did not know looks were important because we saw smiles instead of symmetry. We did not know judgement because we were … Continue reading We Were Wild Once

Take Heart

What do you think of when you hear the word courageous? I think of someone being strong, brave, and trembling. They are not without fear; they are just with courage, which gives them the strength to face their fear. When we are courageous or when we are encouraged we feel inflated, filled up, hopeful, inspired, … Continue reading Take Heart

Body & Soul

I’m in search of a little bit of soul lately. The kind you find by going in and not out. It’s an itch I can’t ignore, and it usually grabs me when I’ve been neglecting myself for one reason or another. This soulfulness I seek feels a lot like groundedness. I know it when I’ve … Continue reading Body & Soul