Remember Who You Are

Halfway through my morning walk with the dog, I realized I wasn't even on the walk. I was in my head the whole time. It wasn't a bad place to be - quite interesting in some ways - but an overarching, intangible part of me started to notice a feeling of dissatisfaction, of dis-ease. So … Continue reading Remember Who You Are

How to Live Your Life in 3D

We all love the incredible 3D experience of an IMAX movie. Watching a movie in 3D is intense, fascinating, riveting, stimulating. You feel like you are actually there. I started asking myself the question, Do I feel like that in my regular life? Do I feel that engaged, that fascinated, that stimulated, that awed by … Continue reading How to Live Your Life in 3D


I'm not much for resolutions. Because I think we should resolve every day to live fully, and not just once a year. Turning points in time are always an interesting time for reflection, however. It's hard to get a true reflection from a rippled surface. Only when the water is very, very still can we … Continue reading Reflection.

Come Home.

Home is where your heart is. No, really. Where your heart literally is, in your chest. Here, where it beats, where it weeps, where it breaks, where it laughs, where it opens, closes, tightens, loves. Here, where you live or die, Here is your home. Welcome. Come in. Step gently into your own skin, Sit … Continue reading Come Home.