The Landscape of Our Life

It starts here. The Change. The Change we all dream of. Nicer people, more love, close communities, supportive neighbors, honest conversations. It starts at home and it starts with you. It starts with me. The person talking to you, are you listening to them? Are you looking in their eyes? Are you feeling their energy? … Continue reading The Landscape of Our Life

Going Back to Our Roots

I’ve always found it fascinating when I see palm trees withstand winter storms with such grace and ease. They bend to extreme degrees, yet somehow defy the forces of nature upon them and don’t snap. When the pressure is released, they bounce back to their full stature, amazingly intact, alive, and unbroken. It’s equally fascinating … Continue reading Going Back to Our Roots

Done with Done

I've been contemplating commitment these first, light-filled days of the new year. Not because I have resolutions to stick to, but because I have a life to stick to. I have a life to commit to, every day of the year. Commitment is the act of reengaging every step of the way, not just at … Continue reading Done with Done

Happy Winter Solstice

While many are focusing on whether or not the world will end today, to me the more interesting aspect of December 21 is the Winter Solstice. This annual occurrence provides a clear line between light and dark, summer and winter. The Winter Solstice is the yin sister of the Summer Solstice. While the Summer Solstice … Continue reading Happy Winter Solstice