When the kindness comes for you let it in the way you let the sun in through the window or the sand in between your toes If it feels like it’s aiming right for your heart that’s because it is And if you’re wondering why it never felt this way before (the kind words from … Continue reading Kindness

The Invitation

I’ll meet you here, where the paved road ends and days are synced with the clock in the sky where downloading silence improves our connection and loading our bones with movement lightens the weight of the world where curiosity is the only currency of value and its dividends are paid in moonshine & sunsets where … Continue reading The Invitation

Once Upon a Time

Once upon a time when I was very sad and very alone I would walk a certain stretch of beach for miles and dream of the woman I would like to be and say to myself, over and over: That woman is worth waiting to meet. I did that for years. It kept me alive. … Continue reading Once Upon a Time

Being Human

I wonder how we can dignify this human experience our birth days and our funerals our love stories and our tragedies our collapses and our relapses our wounds, scars and beauty I don’t have the answer, but I have this embrace I offer you each time we meet I have this heart that beats and … Continue reading Being Human

We Were Wild Once

We were wild once you know. We howled without embarrassment, we cried out for what we needed, wanted, loved. We did not know our skin color mattered because our heart pumped so perfectly. We did not know looks were important because we saw smiles instead of symmetry. We did not know judgement because we were … Continue reading We Were Wild Once