Rewriting The Story of More

This month I had to choose between my life and my livelihood. The details don't matter anymore, but in the end I had to choose between keeping a job that would require me to work 50 to 60 hours a week or losing that job. I chose my life over my livelihood because if I fast-forward … Continue reading Rewriting The Story of More

Body & Soul

I'm in search of a little bit of soul lately. The kind you find by going in and not out. It's an itch I can't ignore, and it usually grabs me when I've been neglecting myself for one reason or another. This soulfulness I seek feels a lot like groundedness. I know it when I've … Continue reading Body & Soul

The Beauty of Being Imperfect

Minding the Mind: Week 5 of Yoga Teacher Training Things are starting to get intense. I knew it would get here, but I wasn’t sure how. We’re learning anatomy, new poses, practicing yoga five to six days a week, doing homework, practice teaching, and trying to stay present for all of it, not to mention … Continue reading The Beauty of Being Imperfect

My 95-year-old Grandmother’s Recipe for Health

I saw my 95-year-old grandmother this weekend. She's a treasure. I learn so much just being in her presence. I videoed our brief conversation, not knowing what I would ask and not knowing what she would say. It just felt right. The first question I asked in Spanish is, "Grandma, how old are you?" The … Continue reading My 95-year-old Grandmother’s Recipe for Health

How to Live Your Life in 3D

We all love the incredible 3D experience of an IMAX movie. Watching a movie in 3D is intense, fascinating, riveting, stimulating. You feel like you are actually there. I started asking myself the question, Do I feel like that in my regular life? Do I feel that engaged, that fascinated, that stimulated, that awed by … Continue reading How to Live Your Life in 3D

The Yogic Path to Happiness

When I first started practicing yoga, I was still digging my way out of a deep cavern of grief. Something about this unusual method of twists, turns, and upside-downs kept calling me back. I didn’t know what it was initially, but as I began to settle into my body, things began to shift in my … Continue reading The Yogic Path to Happiness