Monique-Minahan-Warwick's-2I’m Monique. Daughter of Aleyda, granddaughter of Concepcion, and great-granddaughter of Angelica.

I wrestled with depression from my early teens and became a widow at 25 years old. In my early 30s I left religion and found yoga, which I credit as taking me from surviving to thriving.

These days I take care of my heart a little bit every day through writing, teaching yoga, supporting humans in their experience of grief, and mothering my son.

My largest body of work is offering a polyvagal-based, trauma-informed lens through which to explore and explain grief in the body. My book The Grief Practice is a beautiful, art-filled, large-format, workbook-style book that dives into these practices through story, science, and yoga. My workshops bring the book to life in an experiential format.

Listen to an interview I gave on grief in the body, trauma, yoga, and being human here.

I post daily on grief here.

You’ll find old samples of my writing on elephantjournal and The Huffington Post.

I live in San Diego, California, where I plant giant sunflowers every spring and believe at least six impossible things before breakfast.

I send a note to you once a month or so if you say yes here. No bells-and-whistles, just some honest words from my heart to yours.

What would I say if the whole world was listening?

This is not a dress rehearsal.

What would you say?


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