Welcome. I’m Mo.

I’m a yoga teacher whose niche is teaching yoga that welcomes and explores grief. I’m a poet of sorts and published a book of poetry called The Unedited Heart: Letters on Loss a couple years back. My current creation is The Grief Practice, which ships March 2019. And I’m the mama of a sweet and energetic little boy.

I don’t sell or buy self-help, quick fixes or an easy button.

I am convinced of the innate healing ability of every human being and every human body, even if that body is aging or dying. I see the beauty in illness, struggle, grief, and surviving, and I do my best to reflect a little of that back to you.

Everything I offer, whether through words or movement, is an invitation for you to find a way back to you, just as you are.

My story starts on Thanksgiving weekend in 2002, when I lost my husband suddenly to a complication with his cancer treatment. My tremendous loss catapulted me into a cathartic evolution of mind and body that eventually led me to mindfulness meditation and yoga. These practices gave me the tools to end a 15-year struggle with depression that began in my teens, as well as a decade-long dependence on antidepressants.

My experience of grief was very devastating, isolating, and unsupported, so these days I am motivated to give back to grief and people who are grieving in the ways that I can and the ways I would have liked to have been supported.

I offer grief-specific, trauma-informed yoga to groups or individuals.

I have created a workshop for caregivers who are giving back to grief to support them in the work they do.

And I am in the process of compiling my unique approach to grief through yoga into a book called The Grief Practice.

Locally I teach yoga at Gather Encinitas. It’s an all-levels class that welcomes the whole human experience, from grief to joy. Come by and say hi!

My writing has been featured on elephantjournal and The Huffington Post.

You’ll find my daily postings on grief here.monique-minahan-tgp-2

I send a love letter to your inbox every month or so if you sign up here. It’s no bells-and-whistles newsletter, just some honest words from my heart to yours.

I mindfully use social media to connect here, here & here.

So now it’s your turn. How did you land here and what does your heart have to say? Let’s connect face to face or heart to heart? I’m here.

yours in love & loss,


8 Replies to “about”

  1. I prepare brief “Children’s Messages” for our Sunday Morning Church Service. I discovered your website while researching picture of “ugly rocks”. Your spirit comes through the internet. God Bless you!

  2. Dear Mo,

    I lost my precious son this November will be four years..he was only 32..my port in the storm and always had my back…the pain of losing him was the joy of loving him..I struggle everyday..read your article on huff post..you wrote everything I feel..thank you so much..love and light

    1. Thank you for reaching out Carol.. I am so sorry for your loss and thank you for sharing a little about your son and your heart… isn’t it strange how the love and light can coexist with the sadness and darkness? I can never quite wrap my brain around it but somehow my heart can contain it all. all my love xox

  3. My beloved husband passed away suddenly a little over a year ago. In a bereavement group through Hospice I read your writing, “If grief could speak…” and it was so comforting. I would love to attend a yoga and grief class of yours. Where are you located? Thank you so much, Ginni

    1. Hi Ginni. Thanks for reaching out. I’m so sorry for the tremendous loss of your husband. I teach in Encinitas, CA, which is northern San Diego County. Where are you? I also teach a Grief In The Body workshop a few times a year, also locally right now. The next one will be in September. It’s a couple hours on a Sat or Sunday. I’d like to expand that to other locations eventually but right now it’s San Diego. I’ll be presenting at Camp Widow San Diego next month in case you’ve looked into that also? xox Mo ps. Feel free to email me at thegriefpractice@gmail.com

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