Dear Women

I wish I had realized earlier that our worldwide tribe of women is not bound by age or beauty or success and that heroines are often the woman we just walked by without noticing. I wish I had recognized my sister in every woman I’ve ever met and not just the ones I called friends. … Continue reading Dear Women

Everyday Enlightenment

At yoga recently the teacher suggested this intention for our practice: I will not take things personally. This didn’t really resonate with me, so I chose an intention that rang more true to me: I will take things personally. As in I will get up close and personal with my dreams, my loves, my life … Continue reading Everyday Enlightenment

Label Me Alive

The boys in our family started their own tradition last year, inspired by the Hawaiian tradition of “Kalua Pig,” where a whole pig is cooked underground in banana leaves. The boys decided they could do the same thing with a turkey in grandma and grandpa’s big backyard. Throwing all cooking caution to the wind, they … Continue reading Label Me Alive