Grief In The Body: Taking Up Space (photos)

Grief can overwhelm us with a tsunami of sensations, emotions, and thoughts that leave us physically exhausted, feeling comatose or dead, and moving through life in a body that feels, moves, and even breathes differently than before they died.

Often we push our grief down, make it small, hidden, or act like it doesn’t exist because we sense it is unwelcome in our familial or social circles or feel an unspoken pressure to “keep it together.”

What would it feel like to you in your body to be supported in your grief, to be entitled to your feelings, to be seen and heard?

What would this look like for you in your body?

One way to practice taking up space in our grief is to practice taking up space with our bodies.

You might start in a small, curled-up position and slowly move to sitting up or standing tall. Perhaps you find somewhere between small and large, hidden and seen, closed and open that feels supportive and good to you in your body today. Don’t worry about what it looks like, tune into what it feels like.







This practice of meeting our bodies where they are in grief and beginning from there is one beautiful way to recruit our innate, inner healing resources.

More yoga videos and practices at or get the book here.

Photos: Stacey Winters

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