The Land of Loss

We are the residents of the Land of Loss
You’ll know us by the far-off look in our eyes
And by the way we carry our hearts on our backs
because they no longer fit in our chests

Some of us moved in under a bright sun, some of us stumbled in under a full moon
We aren’t quite sure how we got here and
even though our stories have similar endings
No two of our hearts broke apart the same way

We need shelter, and not just the kind over our heads
The kind that protects us from the world with its quick fixes and feel-betters
We need support, and not just for a few months or on the anniversary
Years later, lifetimes later, they will still be gone

We are looking for something we lost here
That piece of our heart that would make it all fit, that piece of our soul that died with them
We are looking for people who aren’t afraid to place their hand on the hole of our heart and feel for a beat
People who can hear us without trying to heal us, who can witness us without writing us off

Please forgive us if we don’t talk so much at first, or if we talk too much
Don’t worry if we take to our bed or to the bottle or the next plane to nowhere
It’s not a stage, a phase, an illness or a problem
It’s just grief

And if we forget to say it, thank you for walking with us a stretch
For visiting us in this Land of Loss instead of banishing us to it
For building that bridge from your heart to ours so that when we are ready
We can find our way home

Originally published on The Huffington Post

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