What It Means to Be Fearless

“Fearlessness is not a state of being without fear. Rather, it is the experience of fully feeling the fear, naming it, getting to know it, taking it by the hand, and even making friends with it.” -excerpt by John Milton in Be The Change

Over the years I’ve noticed that the more I attempt to live my fullest life, the more fear seems to sneak in the back door.

It whispers questions I’d rather not answer.

What if I lose it all?
What if I lose the best parts?

I watch my mind somersault through fear and joy and back again. I remind myself there’s nothing to fear. I will never lose it all because I never had it all. Even when I hold it in my arms, it is not mine. It is not mine to lose.

Our lives are simultaneously meaningful and meaningless.

They hold at once everything and nothing. I’ve seen how the sea of life closes quickly over loved ones who pass and I know it will close quickly over me when I pass.

This simple truth demands that I live fully and fearlessly while I am privileged to walk this earth. It reminds me to fear neither failure nor success, but to marinate in the lessons they offer me.

We are only held back by our mental limitations. We are only limited by our fear that arises from the misconception that we are something or that we are nothing.

We are neither. We just are. Briefly we are. Briefly we hold it all in our arms.

Quickly it is gone, so Love from the bottom of your heart and Speak from the bottom of your heart.

Embrace your fear, examine it, and learn it as you would an old friend that offers you deep wisdom if you are willing to sit with it.

I find facing my fears to be a simultaneously terrifying and liberating experience, allowing me to emerge from the darkness softened, courageous, and more grateful for this life than ever before.

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