Watch One Woman’s Dream & Dharma Come to Life

It’s not often we see people’s dreams and dharma within their reach.

These last few days I’ve witnessed Chelsea Roff standing for what she believes in, receiving the support she needs and, as she puts it, “living her life out loud.” Her will and determination left me pretty much speechless until now.

Chelsea Roff is a speaker, yoga teacher, and survivor who is literally bringing her dream to life.

She launched an IndieGogo campaign to raise $50,000 to fund her Yoga For Eating Disorders program, which would allow her to offer the unique program at eating disorder centers, high schools, colleges, and community centers free of charge, as well as conduct an evidence-based study on the effectiveness of yoga for eating disorders. According to Roff:

“An estimated 24 million Americans suffer from eating disorders, but only 1 in 10 ever receive treatment.”

With only a few days left to go and still several thousand short of her goal, she launched #OccupyYouAreBeautiful and took to the You Are Beautiful rooftop in Santa Barbara, live-streaming her camp-out until she’s raised the funds needed.

Roff’s personal story of recovering from severe anorexia after nearly dying at 15 is a phenomenal tribute to the resilience, potential, and power of the human spirit when it’s believed in, loved, and supported.

Chelsea RoffDuring the year that I wrote for Intent Chelsea was the managing editor and worked closely with me on posts and ways to expand my writing. Her positivity, creativity, and ingenuity were a great inspiration to me, and I’m thrilled to see her taking her yoga off the mat and answering her calling.

Chelsea’s story is a reminder to all of us that we can choose to live our lives out loud, make our dreams come true, and support each other on our individual yet connected paths.

Support #OccupyYouAreBeautiful here. Whether it’s from a rooftop or a laptop, on or off a yoga mat, let’s all own and occupy our own lives, voices, and dreams like never before.

photo credit: Chelsea Roff

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