What Inspires You?

What inspires you? What inspires you to take that next step courageously, to trust yourself instead of doubt yourself, or to dig a little deeper for some hidden inner strength?

In a literal sense, inspiration is the act of drawing air into the lungs. When we receive inspiration figuratively, we experience that same sense of inflation, of fullness, of aliveness.

What inspires me is seeing people act with courage and integrity. I see them do it and it reminds me I can do it too. When people live their lives with heart and soul, even when no one’s looking, this reminds me to check in and see if I’m mindlessly living my life or fully embracing each moment.

When I see how patiently and gracefully Mother Nature transitions, grows, and adapts to whatever she’s given, I’m reminded to be patient, invite in change, and let go when it’s time to let go.

I see our human nature reflected in mother nature all the time.

The flower that pushes through a crack in the sidewalk.
The first green sprout in a burned field.
The simultaneous letting go and stepping forward from season to season.
The vulnerability of flowers opening, revealing their most delicate and beautiful parts for the world to see.
The fierce love animals demonstrate towards their babies.
The trust between day and night, each easing into the other with gratitude.

As the New Moon peaks tomorrow, I feel the natural drawing in and introspection that seems to accompany it energetically. A time for rekindling the flame within, reconnecting to what I’m committed to, envisioning where I want to go, and figuring out the first small step in that direction.

Inspiration sometimes starts small, like the breath sometimes starts shallow. Whether you find it internally or externally, receive it in fully. Inhale it, let it nourish you, reignite you, and then exhale it back out into the world in your own unique way.

In this way we keep handing off the flame of life to the next person we encounter. We’re all in this thing together.

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