Enter a Prisoner, Exit a Free Man

This is how I would describe meditation. A breaking out of of bondage. That has been my experience with the mental transformation that happens ever so subtly every time.

Whether the practice kicks up dirt, unearths troubling layers of thought, or is a peaceful experience, we always emerge freer than before. Lighter than before. More open, more peaceful.

More like our true selves.

When I start searching for validation, peace, contentment, love, reassurance outside of myself, I know it’s time to tune back in. Time to take ten minutes (or more) and reconnect with my true essence.

Because it’s not out there, what you’re looking for.

That feeling, that connection, that peace, that answer, that assurance, that validation, that savior… it’s not outside.

It’s inside.

Yes, sometimes we think we’ve looked inside. Searched the corners high and low. The answer’s not there we swear. So we search and chase and cling and beg and plead with whoever’s out there controlling this world to give it to me.

Give me what I need.

We think they’re not answering because nothing changes.

In reality, they’re not answering because we already have the answer.

We already have what we need.

We are just looking in the wrong place.

Today’s full moon is a beautiful reminder to tune in deeply with silence, with stillness, with what already is, whatever that may be.

If you think you’ve already looked inside, look again.  But not with your eyes or your mind. Look with the part of your being that doesn’t need to see to believe, doesn’t need to understand to accept.

The freedom is there. It’s our choice to access it. We are the only ones who hold the key.

Below is a simple meditation if you are wondering where or how to start:

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