Spirituality À La Carte

2 thoughts on “Spirituality À La Carte”

  1. Really excellent contemplation. It’s easier to find a satisfying definition of religion than it is to find one of spiritual. The two can certainly go together, but not necessarily so. The spiritual is there for those disillusioned with religion; religion is there for those who want certainty. And of course that is simplistic and so not very useful. I would say that right now for me spiritual is mostly experiential, in the way that you describe experiences on your mat. So is my practice about chasing bliss? No, that’s not right either. Right now, I think, it’s the experience of paying attention and trying to see as clearly as possible and trying not to drive toward conclusions – I think religion doesn’t provide much space for that. And when I practice this way I have the sort of experiences of oneness that you describe. And then I think, There’s something going on here. Which is, I believe, what religion thinks. Thanks for the excellent post.

    1. Such a beautiful, insightful contemplation Bharat. Thank you for sharing. You touched on two things I didn’t include in the post but are relevant for me also: the experiential component and having the freedom/space to have such experience. Many thanks for your thoughts!

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