The Journey From Worthless to Worthy

I’ve been coming up against some limitations lately. Limitations that are encouraging me to reexamine and redefine my values and fears and dig a little deeper to plant new seeds of thought.

One of the concepts that’s been put on my plate is how do I define Worth.

Here’s how it goes:

If for whatever reason I feel limited in what I can do,
this makes me feel uncomfortable, at its outermost level, and downright disturbing at its deepest level.

Observing this reaction, I asked myself, Why?

The answer is simple. When I feel limited with what I can do, I start to feel useless.

When I start to feel useless,
I begin to feel worthless.

Now, that might seem like a mighty big jump to some, and to others it might seem like the next logical step.
For the deep layers in my brain and body, still engrained with old ways of thinking, this was the next logical step.

I watched this downgrading play out in front of me (the real me, my true Self) with incredulous awe, doing my best to refrain from judgement.

Once I saw clearly what my ego was struggling with, I was better equipped to respond instead of react to my perceptions.

I saw my old way of thinking and I saw my new way of thinking.

I saw clearly that I have a choice.

My choice is to speak loud and clear to my old way of thinking: I am here. And I am worthy.

The two commentaries battled for center stage for a while, but after some time the one that rang true was the only voice left standing.

I am here. And I am worthy.

It’s not something I needed convincing of. It’s something I needed reminding of.

I had forgotten. The veil of limitation had dulled my vision.

When I saw it was just that – a veil, a perception, a label – then I remembered my true value.

Wherever you feel unworthiness in your life, take a closer look. Sit with yourself. Your old self, your new self, your true self. Ask them questions. How do they feel? Why do they feel this way?

Don’t fear facing old, engrained patterns. They are there from a lifetime of conditioning. They will continue to rear their head through our lives at unexpected times.

Honor them for what they are. Honor you for who you were. Honor you for who you are.

The you that is the product of your environment and your genes and your choices, and the you that cannot be bound by your body or your brain or your circumstances.

This journey from worthless to worthy will always start externally, and always end internally.

Keep returning to yourself. To your deeper value, to your inherent goodness, to your unlimited worth.

Keep returning to you.

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