Breaking Open the Beauty Within

white ugly rockOn a recent trip to a rock exhibit with my family, I passed a table that was labeled, “Ugly Rocks.”

I stopped and looked at the rocks. They were all brown and pretty boring looking. They weren’t especially ugly, but they definitely weren’t as shiny as most of the other rocks in the exhibit.

I didn’t linger long and went on to see the more interesting rocks. Later on in the day I noticed a family member had been standing at the Ugly Rocks table for quite a while.

What is she doing over there, I wondered.ugly rocks

I wandered over and she held up two of the most beautiful crystals I had ever seen.

What are those, I asked. And why are they at the Ugly Rocks table, I wondered.

It turned out underneath each Ugly Rock was a spectacular, beautiful underbelly. Some were pink and smooth, some were cratered and crusted with sparkles. Others were shiny black and swirly. They each had something unique and fascinating to reveal.

I spent a while picking up each Ugly Rock and marveling at the surprising contrast of its deep interior.

If you read this blog with any regularity you probably know where I’m going with this.

It’s more than just a lesson in “Don’t judge a book by its cover.”

We are the rocks. Some of us have a smooth, shiny exterior and our beauty is easy to see. Some of us are Ugly Rocks, with a plain and hard shell. All of our hard rock-like exteriors will change over time. Like ocean waves wear down rocky cliffs over time, life will smooth us over.

We each have deep, unmatched, phenomenal treasures within us. The world has never seen anything like you before because there’s never been anyone like you before. What is deep within you that is waiting for the opportunity to shine?

Don’t pass yourself off as an Ugly Rock with nothing to offer. Break yourself open and risk exposing your deep, vulnerable layers a little more.

The world needs your beauty.