Ten Minutes to Freedom

Ten minutes has been my work lately. Tuning into time as the doorway to timelessness.

Ten minutes first came up at work last week, when I needed a brief 10 minutes to fix a problem. My coworkers reacted as if I was asking for an hour. I was surprised. It’s only 10 minutes, I thought.

The next day it was me who didn’t want to wait 10 minutes. Wait 10 whole minutes? That’s so inconvenient, I thought.

Everywhere ten minutes keeps showing up. Something runs ten minutes late. How do I react? Ten minutes to do a more thorough job, ten minutes to take a detour from my hard-and-fast mental schedule for something fun.

Ten minutes is my teacher these days.

Every day taking ten minutes to tune into my breath. Ten minutes I’m sure I don’t have, but when I emerge from meditation 13 minutes later, I feel as if I have all the time in the world.

Ten minutes to enter the day and ten minutes to exit.

Set your timer. Watch your breath. Free your Self.

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