Connection, Intention & Attention

I’ve been thinking about connection a lot lately. How we need it, thrive with it, and how it affects us.full moon sunrise

For a long time now I’ve felt like I’m in this vortex of connection. One leads to another to another, and I am energized and inspired. Through these connections I learned how to spark my own internal connection so that I can sustain my “true” self and allow my “regular” self freedom.

Having tapped into this internally, I of course wish to see it in others. It’s like I want to connect with other beings who are lit up inside because it contributes to my own light and the collective energy is palpable.

Bringing this down to earth, there isn’t always this beautifully ideal interaction in everyday life. At the grocery store, at work, or while interacting with other drivers on the road.

It’s easy to feel like there’s a separation between the “light” and the “dark.” But there is no separation. Light and dark are two sides of the same thing.

My role is not so much to seek out other “lights,” but to be the light. It is not to grab, but to give.

It is to be the light wherever I go, whoever I’m with, and in whatever I do.

This is not a happy-go-lucky, everything-will-be-alright kinda light.

It’s an awareness. It’s attention and intention. It’s a presence and sensitivity to whatever is happening. This awareness is the light I need to bring to everything and the light that will guide me through dark times.

Hopefully it is a light that will remind others to turn on their own light, their own awareness. Perhaps it will allow someone in a dark place to see what they weren’t able to see in the dark.

Whether it lights up the path in front of me or the whole world, that is not for me to worry about.

My work is to stay burning, to stay bright, and to step carefully and consciously into my future.

May we all walk our paths carefully, consciously, sensitively, and authentically. May we remember in dark times that the ember of light burns within us. It will burn brightly again.

May our connections sustain us. And may we sustain our connection.

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