Pass It On

Everywhere I go this week life seems to be offering me a hand, a smile, a sunny day, an invitation.

It’s easy to accept (or sometimes even expect) this kind of “help.” Perhaps we’ve been extra good citizens or gone out of our way to be helpful or something like that and we feel deserving or entitled.

I haven’t done anything especially spectacular lately, so this universal generosity really made me reflect.

Reflect on how humbling it is to receive generosity when we haven’t “earned” it or “paid” for it.

Upon reflecting, I realized that it is like a gentle pat on the back.

Pass it on.

That’s what the universe is telling me.

Pass it on.

And not just when I have extra to give,
not just when I feel like it,
not just when the stars align,
not when there’s something to receive.

All the time.

Pass it on.

Your heart,
your love,
your respect,
your openness,
your kindness,
your acceptance.

Pass it on.