The Landscape of Our Life

It starts here.

The Change. The Change we all dream of.

Nicer people, more love, close communities, supportive neighbors, honest conversations.

It starts at home and it starts with you.

It starts with me.

The person talking to you,
are you listening to them?

Are you looking in their eyes?
Are you feeling their energy?

I’m seeing the magic of this lately in many ways. The magic in offering whatever is needed and called for at any particular time.

The  magic and necessity of leading by example, not on a large scale, but on a small scale.

Person to person.
Me to You
You to Them

Instead of telling people what they need to do,
doing what we need to do.

When I do the deep internal work waiting for me, I am practicing what I preach.

When I listen, when I soften, when I receive the other person as they are, without trying to change or inform them,
then I am actually there with them, instead of with myself in my own head, standing with another person.

This is always available to us.

In line at the grocery store, talking with an old friend, in a difficult conversation with our partner,

in a difficult conversation with ourselves.

Because who we admire, who we envy, who we wish we could be is completely within our reach.

That person is already within us. We just have to uncover them, discover them, see them, love them.

Which means loving ourselves so much the unnecessary layers melt away, and we can finally see ourselves as the powerful, beautiful beings we are, with or without our layers.

Stepping into our own skins with full authenticity and humility lights up dark corners in our being, opens doors locked shut for years, and invites us to explore the landscape of our life.

The lush, fertile, vast landscape of our lives.

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