Done with Done

I’ve been contemplating commitment these first, light-filled days of the new year.

Not because I have resolutions to stick to,

but because I have a life to stick to.

I have a life to commit to, every day of the year.

Commitment is the act of reengaging every step of the way, not just at the beginning. This is the case for relationships, projects, and life.

The initial commitment is not what it’s all about. Anyone can commit to something or someone in words, when it’s easy. And even when it gets a little challenging.

Real commitment happens between the point where you want to quit and the point where you don’t quit.

This is commitment. In your most exhausted, vulnerable, weakened state, you are asked to give more,

you are asked to try harder,
you are asked to survive.

Commitment isn’t always about acting on something. Often it’s just about sticking with something.

Sticking to your goal. Sticking to your dream. Sticking to your life.

This is a challenge we all face. Committing to our lives when we are tired, weak, exhausted, done.

“Done” implies an end. Implies a limit. The phrase, “I’m done,” is pretty clear. We’re spent, we’re done. We quit.

A while ago I saw this pattern emerging where I would try, try, try, and then be done. Give up. Whatever it was I was engaging in, attempting, submerged in, I would give it all I had and then be done.

The truth was it wasn’t all I had. It was all I chose to give.

When I chose to be “done,” life kept going. I just wasn’t participating anymore.

Which presented me with this choice:

Live a partial life or live a full life.

Since my years are numbered, like everyone else, I choose the full life.

I must choose the full life.

I commit every day to being done with done. In doing so, I commit every day to living an unlimited life from the inside out.

Some days I “fail,” and some I “succeed.” But it is neither of those really. The effort in itself is the success, if we choose to call it such. It is not the outcome, what we receive or accomplish or how full our lives are that is the success. It is the effort. It is the commitment.

It is enough.

This commitment to face my life,
fill my life,
free my life

It is enough.

4 thoughts on “Done with Done

  1. At times I find success in ease, breathing calmly with no place to go, nothing to do. Wishing you adequate strength and success for your life’s commitment.

  2. I have a pretty good history of talking about what I’m going to do, and then not doing it. Like you, I have resolved to follow through and if I fail after trying my best and giving it my all, I’m certain that’s better than failing by not practicing commitment. Thanks for this morning’s inspiration.

    1. Thank you for sharing your thoughts! Yes, the magic is in the effort. The result is secondary and does not define the effort. Thanks for the conversation!

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