I’m not much for resolutions.

Because I think we should resolve every day to live fully,
and not just once a year.

Turning points in time are always an interesting time for reflection, however.

It’s hard to get a true reflection from a rippled surface.

Only when the water is very, very still can we see precisely what there is to see.

When we are graced by the light we see, in all its raw truth, the form and substance of who we are.

And who we are not.

In our eagerness to move forward, to leave behind our shadows, we sometimes forget

they are what we emerged from
they are what inspired us to dream
they are what forced us to grow

We can’t cut off our past
just like we wouldn’t cut off an arm or a leg because of a scar

We can’t change the past,
but we can forgive

Sometimes where we came from
doesn’t seem to hold a candle to where we’re going

This is the ripple in the water
that keeps us from seeing our true reflection

This idea of going somewhere
This idea of becoming
This idea of tomorrow
This concept of time

Reflection is in the mind
As are dreams
As is tomorrow
As is everything

except what’s in your hands right now
what’s in your heart right now
what’s in your lungs right now

Let the ripples still
And sit here a while,
marveling at your own reflection

Don’t be afraid of what you will see.

You will see wonders.