The Value of Doing Less & Being More

7 thoughts on “The Value of Doing Less & Being More”

    1. Thank YOU for the reassurance. Your site/book look fascinating. Wonderful to meet you on this interesting path we’re on… it does seem like there are some long stretches where you see no one. Always wonderful to connect. Best to you.

    1. I’m glad you’re enjoying this space Jayne! As for calm and in control, what I really challenge myself to be is calm when I’m NOT in control. This is the true challenge for me. I notice you are in the UK. Have you been to Stonehenge by wild chance? I was reading about it today relating to the winter solstice. Seems like an interesting place.

  1. Stonehenge is an usual place to go. Been a couple of times, it is just off a a main road which first strikes you as being odd, the noise of the traffic is contray to the peaceful setting you might otherwsie beleive it is. There were plans to build a bypass using a tunnel but I think this has long been thrown out. Last time we went we were given an audio guide which made wandering round more informative giving details of the magic and druid associations. When I first went we were allowed to walk in between the stones, but now you are obliged to follow an outer path. If you were in the UK it would be an interesting spot to visit. It is hard to comprehend how they got the stones up there in the first place. Some of the stones they beleive come from wales, transporting them by sea, but Salisbury is miles from the coast so they must have been determined lot in those days. Another stone circle of some note is at Avebury ( here you can walk between the stones and when we called by this summer I saw someone out with their dousing rods. There’s lots of nice places to visit here which are steeped in history and intrigue. Have you been to the UK?

  2. Thank you for this visual description! It really took me there. The history is so interesting. I have been to the UK a couple times, but many years ago and didn’t really explore back then like I think I would like to now. The structure of the buildings is always what struck me most. They have such presence and character to them. Thank you for sharing your experience!

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